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Tales From The Southern-Fried Crypt (Book 2 of the Southern-Fried Horror Tales Series) Hardcover


Below the pale orb of a full moon, a lone boat navigates the dark channels of the Louisiana bayou, moving between ancient cypress and the heavy mats of Spanish moss that dangle from their gnarled limbs.
Who are the two who brave the swamp at night? One is a lanky Cajun man by the name of Pierre, while the other is his visiting cousin from Tennessee. The man folks call… THE OLD STORYTELLER!
Take a seat and join him as he shares ten terrifying tales on a midnight boat ride across black waters where no man should dare to go! It is dark and dangerous down on the bayou; a place full of horrifying critters and plenty of haints and spirits, too! See those mausoleums on the bank yonder? Listen closely, for that is where the dead tell their frightening stories!
Be deathly silent and listen. Listen to the bone-chilling…

Book Two in Ronald Kelly's EC Comics-inspired Southern-Fried Horror Tales Series, TALES FROM THE SOUTHERN-FRIED CRYPT contains ten terrifying tales of voodoo, death, and hellacious creatures in the dark swamps of Louisiana. This volume features a retro horror comic cover by artist Alex McVey, eleven interior illustrations by the author, and two nostalgic comic book advertisement pages.

Stories included in this collection:
Beneath Black Bayou
Oh, Sordid Shame!
The Web of La Sanguinaire
N’awlins Haunted Crypt Tour
Saturday Night at Mee-Maw’s
Cat Daddy Fever
Mojo Mama
The Final Feature

Publisher: Macabre Ink (Crossroad Press)

156 pages

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