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The Shrouded Tome: Ten Forgotten Fables (Hardcover)


Within this dark crypt, lie stories long untold…

These are the forgotten fables… tales that have suffered the fate of premature burial. Shrouded and unceremoniously laid to rest. Stories that languish in deep shadow and tattered cobweb, abandoned and unread.

Within these pages, you will find ten such yarns of Southern horror. Novellas, novelettes, and short stories that appeared briefly in limited editions and bygone periodicals, then faded into obscurity and became relics of the past.

In this volume, Ronald Kelly lifts the shroud to give you a peek underneath. Like the good Doctor Frankenstein, he has sewn these lost tales together and resurrected them into a palpable and bone-chilling collection, to live and breathe, unnerve and horrify once again.

Publisher: D&T Publishing

182 pages

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