All books come with a personal inscription and hand drawn RK artwork on the title page!

Haunt of Southern-Fried Fear (Book One) Paperback


Down below the Mason-Dixon Line, deep in the shadowy hills and hollows of Tennessee, lives a teller of terrifying tales and a spinner of dark yarns unlike any you have ever heard before. Stories to chill your bones and pepper your flesh with goose bumps. What his true name may be, no one knows for sure. But, if you listen closely, you can hear his voice ringing through the dead of night!

Pull up a tombstone and join your host, The Old Storyteller, as he shares nine tales of ghostly horror that will run a shiver down your spine! Tour a backwoods graveyard, neglected and forgotten…a cemetery haunted by restless spirits and wayward souls. Some are earthbound by sorrow and remorse…others by an unearthly hunger for vengeance!

Now enter…the Haunt of Southern-Fried Fear!

Haunt of Southern-Fried Fear is Book One of Ronald Kelly's Southern-Fried EC Comics-inspired series. This volume contains comic book-style artwork by the author, as well as two pages of retro comic book advertisements in the back!

Publisher: Macabre Ink (Crossroad Press)

Pages: 112