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Pitfall (Paperback Edition)


They were called diablos hoyos. Vicious black-furred beasts that fought in the pit with the raw fury and savage ferocity of Satan himself. For their owners, they were a lucrative investment. For those attending the fights and betting their hard-earned cash on the blood-thirsty contenders, they were the best entertainment they'd had in a long while.

For Bowie Kane, they were his darkest nightmare come true. He alone recognized the ravenous evil that his Apache ancestors had foretold. But Bowie Kane was an outsider in Sulphur Springs, Texas. No one would listen to his warnings.

And now it was too late to avert the rampage of carnage and terror unleashed on an unsuspecting town.

For the first time since its original Zebra Books release in 1990, Ronald Kelly's 2nd published novel, Pitfall, is available in a paperback edition. This edition includes the bonus novella "Last of the Chupacabra".

Publisher: Crossroad Press (Macabre Ink)

359 pages

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