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The Saga of Dead-Eye, Book 3: Man-Eaters, Mummies, & Murderous Maniacs (Paperback)


Zombie gunfighter Dead-Eye and Louisiana mojo man Job return in a new rip-roaring horror-western adventure in Book 3 of The Saga of Dead-Eye... Man-Eaters, Mummies, & Murderous Maniacs!

Driven by the desire to rescue his abducted son and a relentless thirst for retribution, the zombified gunfighter, Dead-Eye, continues his search for the renegade vampire, Jules Holland, and his unholy entourage. Accompanying him on his journey is the Louisiana mojo man, Job, who is hellbent on putting an end to his daughter Evangeline’s wicked shenanigans. As long as she possesses the demonic tome, Necronomicon, and holds the ability to open the otherworldly Hole Out of Nowhere, no territory is safe from the infinite evil the dark enchantress has at her fingertips!

As Dead-Eye and Job travel across the scorching deserts of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, horrors await them in the form of flesh-devouring critters, rampaging mummies bent on revenge, and the town of Hellbound, a haven for deranged and bloodthirsty desperados who kill at the drop of a hat. Along the way, they come across the pugnacious Missy Slatter, a child abandoned in the wilderness after the outlaw gang, Baker’s Dozen, slaughters her family and steals their horses. It is up to the gunfighter and the swamp shaman to keep the girl safe and deliver her to her grandparents… and perhaps deal some much-deserved vengeance to the Baker’s Dozen along the way!

Publisher: Macabre Ink (Crossroad Press)

133 pages

Book will ship on April 15th or sooner.

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