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Hindsight/Restless Shadows Combo


Get both Hindsight and its long-awaited sequel, Restless Shadows, for one low price!

Hindsight synopsis:

Little Cindy Ann knew things no one else knew; saw things no one else saw. Ever since she'd nearly died of fever, the gift of second sight had been hers. Only it didn't seem like such a gift when the other children called her a witch and wouldn't play with her. Or when her visions resembled nothing so much as her worst nightmares.


Then her older brother disappeared in the vicinity of the old tobacco barn. And Cindy's visions began to burn with a bloodthirsty relentless hatred. What horrors lay buried in the cold earth of the barn? And how could one innocent little girl hope to fight the terrifying evil - an evil that had taken her brother, and that would now turn on the only witness to its monstrous, merciless crimes...Cindy herself.

Contains the bonus novella "Potter's Field"

Publisher: Macabre Ink (Crossroad Press)

Pages: 284

Restless Shadows synopsis:

That was the first thought that crossed Cindy Garrison’s mind when she heard of the brutal triple-murder in her hometown of Coleman. The awful crime was nearly identical to the one performed during her hard-scrabble childhood at the time of the Great Depression. And, strangely enough, it had taken place in the very same place...the ruins of the old tobacco barn near the edge of Green Creek.

But this was not 1936. Cindy was no longer an innocent nine-year-old child, but an elderly woman who used her gift of second sight to assist the police every now and then. And Bully Hanson, who had been responsible for that mass killing so long ago, had been dead and in the grave for 77 long years.

Still, she could not shake the overpowering feeling that he was involved in the massacre of three people and that the 13-year-old boy suspected of committing the murders was completely innocent. The only way she could be certain that her suspicions were more due to intuition than senility was to return to Bedloe County. And, with the help of her granddaughter Beth, revisit the most devastating period of her life...and hope that, somehow, some way, the most evil man she had ever known had not slipped the bonds of death and come back to wreak havoc once again.

Publisher: Macabre Ink (Crossroad Press)

Pages: 322