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Southern Fried & Horrified (Paperback)


In Southern-Fried & Horrified, Splatterpunk Award-winning author Ronald Kelly expounds on a lifetime shaped by his love of horror and the macabre, as well as a thirty-seven-year career as a Southern storyteller. His early influences, the long road to publication, success as a Zebra Horror author, the devastating collapse of mass market publishing in the mid-1990s, and his ten-year hiatus from writing and horror... it is all here, between two covers, as well as his triumphant return to the genre and a fresh, new resurgence of his creativity and popularity. Sprinkled generously throughout are essays, writing advice, and lists of Kelly' s favorite books and movies, as well as his most cherished heroes, villains, and creatures from the RK mythos.

Publisher: Stygian Sky Media

Pages: 245

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