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The Saga of Dead-Eye, Book Two: Werewolves, Swamp Critters, & Hellacious Haints (Paperback)


Across the Bloody Mississippi…

Following the brutal murder of former Confederate officer, Joshua Wingade, the pursuit for the renegade vampire, Jules Holland, and his hellish followers continues across a war-torn South. The newly resurrected gunfighter, Dead-Eye, accompanied by Louisiana mojo man, Job, find themselves hot on the trail, eager to rescue an abducted child and put an end to the death and destruction the outlaws and the dark witch, Evangeline, have conjured with the aid of Necronomicon and the otherworldly Hole Out of Nowhere.

And into the West…

Upon setting foot on Missouri soil, Dead-Eye and Job’s travels take them into the peaks of the Ozark Mountains, across the Indian Territory, through the swamps of Louisiana, and onto the dusty plains of Texas. Beasts, bayou creatures, and ghostly apparitions hinder their progress along the way, as well as hellish bounty hunters recruited and brought forth from realms beyond the Hole.
Will Dead-Eye and Job – along with the demonic steed Brimstone and the silver-shoed mule Balaam – survive to continue their quest into the dark and savage heart of the western territories?

Find out in
The Saga of Dead-Eye: Book Two
Werewolves, Swamp Critters, & Hellacious Haints!

Book Two in the Saga of Dead-Eye horror-western series.

Publisher: Macabre Ink (Crossroad Press)

Pages: 124

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